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Scottish Tablet Recipe


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Not to be confused with the  modern electronic Tablet or an item from the medicine counter, Scottish Tablet has much greater depth to it's origins.  The first recipe was discovered in the The Houehold Book of Lady Grisell Baillie,  who was born on Christmas day 1665. 

Once tasted it is never forgotten.  True  Scottish Tablet is a delicious medium hard confectionary. It is not as soft at fudge, nor is it as hard as candy, it has a unique and delicious crumbly texture all of it's own.

Scottish wedding dinner is complete without Tablet being served with the coffee and many formal dinner parties and  fine restaurants carry on this tradition.  Grannies kitchens all over Scotland turn out trays of tablet for Christmas Fetes, WRI meetings and best of all, for family .

The original recipe was made with cream and sugar but over the years, butter and  condensed milk  have been added to the recipe . Vanilla, whiskey and nuts are just a few of the alternative ways to flavour Tablet , but for many, the traditional recipe of milk, butter, sugar, condensed milk and vanilla  stands undefeated,  as the best.

At Arden Country House, homemade tablet  is made  on a regular basis. Some refer to it as hard fudge, others as soft toffee but to all with a sweet tooth, it is considered delicious and one piece is never enough.

  • Tablet recipe
  • 100g unsalted butter
  • caster sugar
  • 250ml of milk ( semi skimmed or full fat )
  • pinch of salt
  • vanilla essence  - half a teaspoonful

Into a large thick bottomed pot, melt the butter and milk, on a low heat.

Add the sugar, stir and leave to melt.  As it reaches a rolling boil, add the condensed milk and stir. Remove the spoon and allow to return to a rolling boil.   Stir occasional as the mixture changes from cream to biscuit coloured. The toffee  looking liquid will become milky in appearance  this is where it changes from being a toffee to becoming tablet.    Remove from the heat and beat with a large balloon whisk. Be very careful not to get the tablet on your skin as it leaves a nasty burn.

As the mixture begins to stiffen, but not set, pour into a baking tray – ideally a silicone pan.  

Allow to cool. Score with a knife into squares and when completely cool and set, snap the tablet into squares.     


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